Director and Chief Executive Officer at The Lieber Institute for Brain Development, Johns Hopkins University Medical Campus.


Licensed psychologist, independent consultant and supervisor. Several years of experience in politics as a member of the municipal council and in the Danish Parliament with a particular interest in social policy, psychiatry, nature and the environment.
In the intersection of psychology, nature and politics, Trine is concerned with strengthening conditions for life and people's connectedness to themselves, each other and nature, and has professional and political experience in creating well-being and change for and with people in relationships and organisations.


PhD, professor emeritus at Aarhus University, Denmark. Sustainable management, social ecology, strongly preoccupied with the UN's 17 global goals. Connected concerned with holistic thinking and general systems theory.


Psychologist and scientist, Ph.d. in psychiatry, specialized in helping people come off psychiatric drugs and in drug-free, psychotherapeutic treatment of psyshopathology like depression, anxiety and psychosis. Anders is presenting how to heal from psychopathology without drugs, but with our own minds. "As trees and plants know how to share aid and healing in terms of survival, the human body and brain have similar and natural inherent ressources to heal". 


PhD in natural psychology from the Department of Psychology, master's in natural science and natural supervisor. Simon is director and founder of the company ViNatur. For many years, he has specialized in nature-based health promotion, well-being and regenerative management. Simon is a pioneer in the development and implementation of nature-based health promotion. Simon starts from the ecosystem and the living systems as the focal point for creating greater internal and external sustainability, as well as how we should organize ourselves and develop society.


Associate Professor. Section of Health Services Research, Copenhagen University


Neuro scientist, biologist.

Having received her Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry with aconcentration in STEM Education and Neuroscience in Research from The University of Texas at Dallas, Sofía Hidalgo continues to aspire to further her educationin the emerging field of Educational Neuroscience.


Consultant scientist and author, PhD in plant reproductive ecology, working at the interface of biodiversity research and human relationships with the rest of nature